Monday, 28 April 2014

Federation Coffee: Brixton

I was in a bit of a quandary about whether to pay a visit to Federation Coffee in Brixton, considering the SW postcode – and this being a blog about SE cafes/bars – but my curiosity won out in the end and I made my way over to the SE/SW divide on an incredibly wet and windy day. Having visited Brixton Village Market in the past, I was familiar with the layout and entrances – for the first time visitor however make sure you do a bit of Google Maps-ing before heading down there. The entrances are tucked away between market stalls, and once you find your way in it really is like stepping into a different world!

New Zealand run Federation Coffee is located in the heart of Brixton Village Market, just a 2 minute walk from both the Tube and Rail stations in Brixton. Brixton is very well connected via bus, underground and train, so although there is no free parking locally it's not hard to get here. As with all of the units inside Brixton Village Market, the actual cafe space is quite small.

There are a few tables and chairs inside, and a bar with stools around half of the edges. There are also a couple of tables and chairs outside and, as this is an indoor market, the outdoor seating is suitable whatever the weather! On this particular visit I stayed for about half an hour, and watched the nearby guests come and go - there's quite a fast turnaround time, with the average visit seeming to be quite short - and I can't imagine you would have to wait for long to grab a chair, even at peak times.

There is no free Wi-Fi on offer at Federation Coffee, but to be honest it's not the kind of place we would come to work. It definitely more of a sociable cafe, and the perfect place to stop for a quick coffee or snack.

Speaking of coffee...Federation Coffee are currently serving Alchemy coffee, and this is something they really do excel in! The flat white I had was beautifully smooth and absolutely delicious, and came complete with obligatory latte art, which is always a nice touch. They don't rush to make your order, and the result is truly worthwhile!

The staff are very friendly and there's a lovely relaxed atmosphere inside. Prices aren't anything outside of what you would expect for an independent coffee shop, and although the coffee cups aren't massive, the quality and taste of the coffee is well, well worth sacrificing a larger size for.

All in all, Federation Coffee in Brixton is a must-visit for any coffee lover, and well worth the trip for anyone living outside the area. While you're there, enjoy visiting some of the other independent shops and restaurants in Brixton Village Market, and feel no shame in smugly introducing your friends to this hidden gem.

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